Logos, branding, templates, etc

This topic collects official logos, branding, identity guidelines etc for CS community’s usage.

(Unofficial) CS Logo


Original Design by Fan Yang



Vectorized by: @mcnutt

Originally posted at logo/maroon-logo.svg at master · uchicago-vis-pl-lab/logo · GitHub

University Identity

Transparent variants created from the SVG above for use on this forum:



@suhail created nice signage for the Grad Student Lounge earlier this evening:

If the link doesn’t work for you, ask someone in the Ministry for sharing.

@dingy was looking for “a latex poster template for UChicago CS”.

I spent some time customizing GitHub - anishathalye/gemini: Gemini is a modern LaTex beamerposter theme 🖼 for our colorscheme and added a couple of logos:

EDIT: See overleaf version at Gallery - Templates, Examples and Articles written in LaTeX - Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor


Thanks for the effort to make everyone’s life easier :smile:


@amfarrell shared the official UChicago dissertation template on CS Slack:

@kartik @kameranis might make sense to put the Latex templates (Poster/Slides/Thesis) on the UChicago Overleaf Template Gallery. Not sure how exactly.

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Talked with Bob, who got instructions from Overleaf:

To get a template added to the page, there are two steps (1) get it into the Overleaf Gallery, and (2) let us know that you want it on the UChicago featured list. If it is already in the Overleaf Gallery, you just need to tell us the URL and we can add it directly to the portal page.
To get a template into the Overleaf Gallery, it needs to be uploaded or created in an Overleaf project and then submitted, using the “Submit” button at the top of the editor pane (see also here). If someone is submitting an Overleaf project for the UChicago page, it helps if they send us an email to let us know that it is going to end up there - we get a lot of submissions and review them all… so letting us know that this is for you will move it up to the front of the queue.

Basically, once we have them on Overleaf as templates we can ask Bob to ask Overleaf to include them in the page.

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Just submitted the poster and the dissertation templates and notified Bob. Hope they will be approved and published soon.

EDIT: Published, see:


On slack, @jasminelu mentions the university webpage for logos is at RESOURCES | UChicago Creative

We should probably convert this topic into a coherent wiki or expand the writing wiki at [Wiki] Best practices for paper writing (and arXiv submissions)