[Wiki] How do I use Discourse via email?

This is a wiki, please feel free to edit and improve.

I have added some of the post actions to the email template that is used when sending out email notifications for messages and posts on the forum. Hope, they will come in handy.

EDIT: Here’s a screenshot of how it looks now with the added Tip:

Hi everyone, I am replying here to let you know that since late September CS Discuss server is somehow unable to receive emails from UChicago and GMail email IDs. It seems to be working fine with cs.uchicago.edu, iCloud, and Protonmail IDs that I have been able to test. TechStaff are aware of the issue since mid-October. The main workaround is to use the web interface (as most people here already do).

If you really need to use Discourse via email, consider adding alternative an email ID (ie, non-Google and non-Microsoft) in your profile by going to https://discuss.cs.uchicago.edu/my/preferences/account (use Add Alternate Email).

Let me know if you’d like me to help you test if your alternate email ID is able to send emails here. I can help test it in less than 15 minutes, but otherwise, in my observation, it takes over 24 hours for Google/Microsoft to send me a failure report.