Weekly Virtual TGIF, the whole department is invited!

Virtual Minister:

Come join us at 4pm CDT (9pm UTC), every Friday for TGIF in the
virtual 2nd floor Research Commons (room 200)! Visit a meticulous
recreation of Crerar on a 2D grid on gather town. If you miss your office or
always wanted to walk into those locked rooms, now, you can! But as a
classical 2D character of your own design. There you will run into
people old and new and can have hallway conversations or private
meetings. Do not try to crowd the Skype rooms, however, some dangers
still persist in the virtual world.

The event is a great opportunity to relax after a long week and
informally meet faculty you wouldn’t normally interact with. Use the
WASD or arrow keys to walk your character around the map. Talk to
people by walking up to them (this connects a mini video call in the
browser with the other people nearby). There are also shared
whiteboards and games hidden around the building.
Contact the Virtual Minister, Casey (@cduck) if you want to decorate
your office.