[UCVC] Ride scheduling, casual ride scheduling, flat tire session

Howdy listhost,

If you’re one of the people who was recently added, welcome! Warning: long email ahead. Sorry, but we’ve got to cover some logistics.

We’re trying to figure out when group rides should be and have made two scheduling polls:

  1. For actual road biking please go here: http://whenisgood.net/799g58y
    1. If you want get involved in road riding but don’t have a bike (or want to explore the idea) please email uchicagovelo@gmail.com describing your situation
  2. For casual riding (non-road biking): http://whenisgood.net/7iq3jyt
    1. Casual riding refers to rides anywhere from 5-10 miles in length at a leisurely pace in normal clothes. If you’re looking for the Tour de France stuff go to that road riding poll.

Some comments:

  • Before riding with the club in any capacity, you must sign the waiver.
  • How much we ride outdoors for the rest of autumn is dependent on the weather
    • for casual riding that means we may not ride too often if the weather turns bad early
  • We’re trying to finalize the ride schedule by next week, so we’re going to stop looking at responses at 5pm on Oct. 19
  • There are a lot of random people on this listhost that aren’t undergrads. To those people: you’re welcome to join us on our rides and we hope that you do!

Finally, the Velo Club is hosting a “How to change a flat tire” session on October 22 and October 23. If you’re interested (or can help pass the event along to non-undergrads) the Facebook event link is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/348284109277071/?notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1539539418490626

For people not on Facebook:

  • First sesson: October 22nd, 6-7pm @ Stuart 105

  • Second session: October 23rd, 6-7pm @ Harper 130

If you have any questions, email uchicagovelo@gmail.com

Here’s to another year of riding through freezing headwind on Lakeshore!


Zac (Vice President?)