Policy about getting access to space

Posting here since I do not have clear answers right now, and it will be lost on Slack. I will get back to this.

If others have faced similar issues, please add them here so we have sufficient student voices to get things improved.

Hey @tdobes, there was some discussion in the first town hall in the new building to figure out if there was a way to see who has access to which rooms (Is there a way to find out what I can get into with my keycard?), do you know if this is possible to do with some sort of collaboration with the “outside admin”?

I understand it doesn’t solve the problem raised by @harrisong in the OP, but more information about access to rooms is so much better than surprises.

In order to see a complete list of room access visit http://followme.uchicago.edu/student/access_view.php

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