Pizza for Better Science

Do you struggle to find suitable resources for your experiments, homework assignments, or next paper? Do you find that developing the experimental apparatus is often difficult? Is it always easy to find the right tools for discovering the things you are interested in? Do you wish you could make your experiments repeatable and share them with colleagues easily?

We invite you to join us for a pizza lunch and a rousing discussion on how to improve experimental methodology, replicability and shareability of your work, and get more results accepted at leading conferences!

Please RSVP here

Come if you have questions: we will share some pointers on how to get resources (, how to use Jupyter notebooks for fun and profit, and how to make all aspects of your research more citable.

Come if you have answers: we would love to find out about how people structure their computational experiments across different fields, more experiment management tools, and connect them to a community of thousands of Chameleon users.

Come if you are undergrad, faculty, graduate student, systems scientist – or run computational experiments for any other reason – let’s science better!

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