[Pizza] Brian Hempel: Tornadoes (and how not to predict them)


Monday, October 22
JCL 273
Tornadoes (and how not to predict them)

This is an announcement for the Pizza Seminar, a new grad student
initiative where PhD students present to each other over a free lunch.
Talks can be a chance to present something from your research of general
interest, practice a conference presentation, or just tell us about
something interesting. After all, we all spend a lot of time doing CS;
might as well inform everyone else what you do!

The talk will take place in the grad student lounge (JCL 273) on Monday,
October 22. The presenter for this week will be Brian Hempel,

Tornadoes (and how not to predict them)
What are tornadoes? How do they form? How do you predict them? Can
computers help? As a wannabe chaser, I’ll explain my view on tornadoes,
tornado chasing, and tornado prediction. I will also explain my
understanding of the limiting factors in small-scale weather prediction,
and will discuss my failures in throwing machine learning at the problem.

A Pecos Hank vid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfr8MExtDYI
Tuscaloosa EF4 from mall parking lot - 4/27/11 - Tuscaloosa Tornado - YouTube
Tornado over Home Depot - Tornado touches down over Home Depot store in New Jersey - YouTube
Weather Channel drives into a tornado - Weather Caught On Camera: Tornado Hits The Weather Channel Crew - YouTube
US Tornadoes map - http://www.ustornadoes.com/2017/06/07/look-tornadoes-rating-maps/
EF Scale - Enhanced Fujita scale - Wikipedia
Supercells - Supercell - Wikipedia
Gorgeous storm time lapses - Vorticity (4K) on Vimeo
Storm Prediction Center - https://www.spc.noaa.gov/
High Res Tornado Simulations - http://orf.media/
How to read a sounding - Basic Instructions for Interpreting a Skew-T Chart for Severe Weather Days - YouTube
Tornado forecasting workshop - Tornado Forecasting Workshop with SPC's Rich Thompson - YouTube
High Res Ensemble Forecast - SPC HREF Ensemble Viewer - 500 mb wind/height, ens mean
Other Model Forecasts (most notably the High Res Rapid Refresh (HRRR)) - COD Meteorology -- Numerical Model Data
Critique of the National Weather Service not using enough machine learning - Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Reforming the National Weather Service, Part 1: Changing the Role of Human Forecasters
An EF5 tornado - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L-XExpb3pY
Chasing safety lessons from the tornado that killed chasers - El Reno: Lessons From the Most Dangerous Tornado in Storm Observing History - YouTube

22 tornadoes yesterday: