[Phishing scam email!] Computer science tutor for 17-year old

I am in contact with Jeremy Horton from Hyde Park, who needs a private tutor to help his 17-year old Owen to understand CS algorithms. He is looking for 2 hours a week, for 5 weeks, starting May 24, and can pay upfront. Flexible schedule. Does not have a price in mind, but I think that, depending on your education level, you can ask between 30 to 60$ an hour.

Feel free to contact him directly if you are interested, or answer this thread if you have more questions or more insights you obtain from talking with him if you think it’s not a good fit.


Hi Mikaël

Are you sure you were talking a real person, it seemed like a phishing attempt to me. See:

Actually I am pretty certain it is a scam given those links.

I reported this to techstaff yesterday, but perhaps I should let them know here as well as we now know it was not just me who received that email. CC: @chudler @rdb @tdobes (sorry, unsure who is in-charge for spam/phishing attempts)

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Hey very good that you bring this up. Here is the message that I received, it’s pretty similar.

How are you doing today? This is Jeremy Horton. I saw your contact at
the university of Chicago, department of computer science Under
People’s Porter. I seek for a private tutor for my son and do let me
know your area of specialization and i will like to know if you would
be available for the job and I will provide you with more details of
my son.

If you will not be able to teach him owing to your busy schedule, you
can recommend one of your students or colleagues who is capable of

Looking forward read from you.

Best regards,

Hello, Mikael
Thanks for writing back.
A little about me and Owen: I’m a single dad and a ship engineer. I am
currently offshore which will not allow me to come for "meet and
greet"interviews before the lessons begin. Owen lives with my cousin
and my cousin will be bringing him to and fro to the lessons location.
Owen is 17 year old. He and my cousin are currently outside the state
for a funeral and will be back in time to start his lessons. I would
be more than happy if you could handle him very well for me and he has
promised to work hard with you as you will be taking him in
introductory algorithms.

Regarding the payment, I am not in position to arrange that at this
moment due to the nature of my work but I will have to contact my
financier to make it available to you meanwhile before then, I will
like to know the total fee for 2 hours a week in 5 weeks is $???. I am
sure you will not have any problem with upfront payment. The lessons
could begin on 24th of May

Thanks and do send this along to the graduate students

How are you doing today? This is Jeremy Horton and I seek for a
private tutor for my son

Get back to me if you are available for the work



Yep, totally the modus operandi of someone leading to phish something out from you.

Edit: the third link I posted explains how this works, it’s called Check Overpayment Scam.

I have updated the title to reflect this is a phishing attempt.

Jeremy is still unaware that I know he is doing phishing. I just got a phone number where to reach him. What’s the process? Should I call 911?

“Thanks and here is my number (361) 236-5654‬”

I would just stop engaging with this person. Personally, I do not know of a better process.

You can report such scams to the FTC - FTC Complaint Assistant

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My sh3rlock character would be proud of you k4rtik :clap:

Literally, I got an similar email May 31th, but I was too busy and ignored it.

========================= This is what I got ===========================

How are you doing today? My name is David Brennan . I saw your contact at The University Of Chicago , Department of Computer Science Directory’s portal. I am in need of a private high school Computer Science tutor for my daughter. I would like to know if you are or have a student/tutor available for the job.

The lessons could hold at the campus/library or tutor home, if he/she stays close to campus or over zoom.

If you would not be able to teach her owing to your busy schedule/, you can refer one of your classmate(s) / student(s) who is available for teaching.

Waiting to hear back from you.


Found this scam documented in our own security portal as well:

Occurrences in CS:

  1. May '20 (see OP)
  2. Sept '20
  3. May '21
  4. Aug '21
  5. Sep '21
  6. Dec '21

Another one on CS Slack