James Sud -- Quirky Structures in the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm

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Monday, Feb 27th

12:30-1:30 PM

Speaker: James Sud

Room: JCL 298

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The Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA) is a popular parameterized algorithm that uses quantum computers to find approximate solutions to tricky optimization problems. Finding good parameters for QAOA is challenging – but curiously, optimal parameters seem to have similar qualitative structure across many different problem instances and classes. These parameters also seem to induce common structures in the quantum states the algorithm produces. In this talk, we will look at these structures using numerics and good old math. We will then discuss attempts to leverage these structures to create “proxies” for QAOA, that in certain cases can capture the behavior of the algorithm using less than exponential classical resources.


James is a first year Ph.D. candidate under Dr. Fred Chong in the University of Chicago Computer Science Department. He is interested specifically in quantum algorithms for optimization problems, and more broadly in quantum computing. Musically, he is only two degrees of separation from Rihanna.

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