Good places to get a hair cut in Hyde Park/Chicago?

Probably a trivial question for those who have lived here longer, but in my tiny research in asking people who got hair cuts recently, I have received only negative rather than positive recommendations on where to (not) go for hair cuts.

Do people have particular favorites and can they describe their experience? Personally looking for men’s cuts, but my women friends could use this info as well.


Hyde Park Barber Studio is my go to place

Hyde Park Barber Studio
1431 E Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 493-8080

When I first come to US, it is hard for me to get hair cut that I want. They give me a nice hair cut on my first visit there. Until now, I keep my picture from that day, and just point it out to the barber “I want hair cut like this” :smiley:


I go to University Hairdressers on 57th and Harper, has worked for me.


Knowing you Kartik, you might appreciate a good ol’ fashioned tech solution.
I’m proud to work for Shortcut, because they provide the most simple interface to quickly find a local barber who will come to your home (would recommend booking a ~$30 College Cut with either Kenny or Simeon).
Here’s my staff promo code to sign-up - $10 off first cut: ; other grad students welcome to use.
Makes it $20 for a barber to come to your home: insane.

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I second this. I went here like a week ago and i think it’s nice. Plus on Wednesdays you have a student discount - $15 instead of $22 !

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So I went there earlier this morning. Turns out they had a notice at the front door saying they are raising their prices and removing most discounts. :frowning:

I still got a cut and ended up paying $28+tip. Happy with the service, however. But I will need to look for cheaper options next time.

I used to go to Ossama’s Hair Salon–one of their barbers, Michel, was really good.

But then he disappeared. However, I just found out he has moved to Max & Co on Hyde Park Blvd:

The reviews are bad, but the cuts are like $25, and Michel is really good. I’ll go this week or next and report back.

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Yup, Michel is good–though I just get a simple crew cut so :man_shrugging:
It came out to $25 ($20 base + tipped $5). They take cash, or you can use Chase QuickPay/Zelle. Else, for credit card, there is a fee.

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I generally go to 57th street hair Beauty ( $25 +tip) or Milo’s Salon and Spa ($30+tip or $25 +tip on Tuesdays you would need to ask for student’s discount). If you want very simple but cheap hair cut I think University hair stylist is the best option ($20 +tip).

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I was visiting Devon Ave yesterday and stumbled upon this shop, just walking around there:

It’s run by a Pakistani woman (I believe as she was speaking Urdu) and has hair cuts options for $5 for men and $10 for women.

Got a super nice and relaxing cut and now I know where to go for cuts when I do my grocery run from Devon. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I noticed the price has been updated to $7 on my latest visit to Devon Ave (however the shop was closed when I visited).