Ergonomics: Adjusting your Chair, etc

For those who do not know, we have the ReGeneration by Knoll® Ergonomic Chair | Knoll in our offices.

If you’d like to adjust your chair, the instructions are at:

Also attaching a local copy of the PDF in case it disappears over time.
ReGeneration_OperatingInstructions.pdf (484.0 KB)

Minister of Infrastructure

And here’s how you may want to adjust the chair and rest of your workstation:

Bumping this up and here is another video with tips from my physical therapist at the university hospital:

Specifically this graphic that he shares with most of his patients is quite useful:

Trying to work on this myself. ANy thoughts on laptop stands?

@lpwarner I try not to use a laptop and instead prefer a full desktop setup to avoid issues.

I found this set of exercises very well explained and worth sharing for everyone’ benefit:

When I was facing neck pain between Oct-Dec, my physical therapist prescribed a similar set of exercises.

Pasting links to the videos here for more visibility:

1. Chin tucks

2. Isometric contraction

3. Wall sits

4. Wall angels