Chris Kang - Toward Transformational Quantum Simulators

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Tuesday April 4th

12:00-1:00 PM

Speaker: Chris Kang

Room: JCL 298

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One of the most compelling applications for quantum computers is simulation, or using quantum devices to model physical systems. But, due to device limitations, we are not yet able to realize transformational applications. In this talk, I aim to discuss two key topics:

  • First, how would scalable quantum simulators enable transformational, real-world applications?

  • Second, what is the roadmap to achieve these scalable quantum simulators?

This talk is intended for a general scientific audience. I will try to make it funny.


Chris is a first-year PhD student advised by Fred Chong. His research interests lie in full-stack quantum Hamiltonian simulation, i.e. designing algorithms and architectures to realize quantum advantage in physical simulations. His current focus is architecting and verifying analog quantum simulators. In the long term, he aims to build scalable quantum simulators which enable transformational advances in chemicals discovery, especially for materials design and in silico drug design.

In his personal time, Chris is a classical violinist with capricious practice habits and an affinity for Tchaikovsky. He is also an avid credit card optimizer who is totally not sponsored by a major bank.