Bike the Drive: Chicago's kickoff to summer

A faculty member reminded me of Bike the Drive that’s happening Sun May 26; apparently, he does it annually. Anyone else interested? They have a group discount if we have more than 10+ riders, details here:

Group Discounts

Have a group or team that has 10 or more riders? Are you a non-profit looking for a way to fundraise for your organization? How about an incentive for your employees? Maybe your group is looking for a good excuse to get together outside your regular meetings, or you want an active alternative to the family barbecue on a holiday weekend?

There are so many reasons why a discounted block of tickets might be worth your while for Bike the Drive. So get together and enjoy the ride!

  • Prepaid blocks of 10 adult registrations are sold for $430 (a 14% discount off the base price)
    • Additional adult registrations can be added to your block of 10 for $43 per rider (additional tickets must be purchased at the time of the original group purchase)
    • As always, youth can register with a group for $17 each

Ready to sign up? Visit our group registration page to sign up your riders. If you have have any questions, please email

I am also personally interested in the 30-mile Challenge (from the homepage):

Conquer All 30 Miles on Lake Shore Drive!

Looking to tackle all 30 miles of Lake Shore Drive on May 26th? Make sure to sign up for the 30 mile challenge during registration! You’ll receive a 30 Mile Challenge racing bib to show that you’re riding for glory on event day AND if you complete the entire 30 mile course*, you’ll receive a limited edition 30 Mile Challenge medal to commemorate your triumphant achievement!

*To receive the limited edition 30 Mile Challenge medal, you must track your milage on a smart phone with an app of your choice, such as Ride with GPS, Strava, or Map My Ride.

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I think I’m interested. I would do it with my son, but we don’t have a bike. How would that work?

I think there are many bike shops where you can rent a bike, there is also the bike share program:

Though I am not sure how safe are Divvy bikes for riding with a kid. I have seen people adding a trailer to their bikes for small kids.

Sure. I’m looking for a trailer for bikes. Anyone knows about that?

It looks like the first bike rental service listed here: does offer a child seat.

My wife and I are interested :+1:

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Me & the missus are interested.

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So we have about 6 people (potentially) interested so far. I see on the Packet Pick Up page that:

Packets will be mailed to all participants who register by May 5th*. Those registering after May 5th will need to visit a Packet Pick-Up location to receive your materials (details below).

So I think it’s ideal that we register before May 5. I am trying to find a few more people so we can qualify for the group discount. If you can tell your friends, that will help too!

Can people who are sure they will do the ride and want to register as a group, let me know soon?

hi @kartik,
Sorry, we need to bail this out. We already have a plan the day before and think that we might be too exhausted for this one.

Turns out there is extra $10 registration fee for the 30-mile challenge and the packet shipping still costs ~$8. Further, there is processing fee of ~$5 for online registration. I think I am just gonna ride without registering. :slight_smile:

So lake shore drive is indeed open. I am heading north after entering it from 50th St

Edit: (30mi done, yay!)