Are there any Bicycle/Air Pumps on Campus?

The closest air pump reference I could find online is on a third-party site at which suggests there is at least one:

Air Pump(s) on Campus:
By Bartlett Dining Commons, just South of the West entrance.

Does anyone know of any more?

I also found a semi-official reference to the same location in the Google cache of a now-taken-down webpage:

Every dorm has a bike storage room for the winter months or rainy days and bike racks outside. Bartlett Dining Commons has a little station where you can pump your wheels or tune up your bike.

But I have no idea whether that station is accessible to non-undergrads. Will update if I get a chance to go and look.

Got some pictures, but not sure whether it works. The tools and the pressure gauge seemed quite rusty:

This page seems somewhat helpful: Bike Repair Help