[Announcement] Two Factor Authentication + Login via Email + GDPR Enhancements

Bunch of new security features that are already live for a few weeks now on our Discourse:

Highlighting some notable security features:

Two Factor Authentication

We’re proud to now offer fully integrated Two Factor Authentication as a standard Discourse feature! Enable it in your user preferences, and take advantage of the free Android or iOS authenticator apps on your smartphone for enhanced account security.

I am personally using this now, works seamlessly!

Login via Email Link

To make logging in a little more convenient for your community, you can enable logging in via an emailed link in your site settings.

I have enabled this for UChicago Grad Community as many users have previously pointed out that they do not want to remember/deal with yet another password.

GDPR Enhancements

Discourse has offered download of all user content and a user anonymization facility since version 1.0. In this release, we’ve improved these features to make them even more reliable and easy to use, as well as removed a number of places where we were storing IP addresses internally that we didn’t need to be.

Discourse has always prioritized empowering communities, and we’ll continue to improve in this area to give your users the control they deserve over their online footprint.

See the complete announcement at Discourse 2.0 released! for more new features.