Anna Lorimer --- C*ns*r*ng The Internet

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Monday, Nov 28th

12:30-1:30 PM

Speaker: Anna Lorimer

Room: JCL 298

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As long as humans have been writing, painting, or talking about their ideas they have faced censorship. Historically, censors have been able to control media through physical means by banning books or confiscating printing presses but the modern day censor is faced with a much more complex task: censoring the internet. Faced with the ineffectiveness of laws and polices to enforce internet censorship, censors have turned to interfering with the internet itself in order to enact control over what people can and cannot see on the internet. This talk will cover the methods that censors use to control the internet from a network-level perspective. Through case studies, the cat and mouse game between censors and censorship resistors will be explored with an emphasis on what the future holds for censorship on the internet.


Anna Harbluk Lorimer is a 2nd year PhD student working with Nick Feamster on circumventing internet censorship and network privacy. She once won 60 bagels at a horse whispering contest.

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