Ada Lovelace Week 2020 Day One - Opening Plenary

Ada Lovelace Week 2020 (October 13-16, 3PM CST): This event takes inspiration from Ada Lovelace’s legacy and celebrates its impact today with a series of talks that aim at bringing to the foreground the work of many scientists, artists, and technologists; all of them brilliant women and non-binary technologists who take programming and hardware further in novel & alternative directions, from human-computer interactive technologies, new media art, societal impacts of technology, accessibility technologies, creativity support tools, multimedia games, and many other perspectives!

With this event, we celebrate the legacy of Ada Lovelace, a mathematician and writer who recognized the full potential of computers in the 1800s, and we also wish to bring an to the foreground the unmistakable contribution and impact of women and non-binary folks in technology, which histotically has been pushed to the background.

Our event will span over 4 sessions over 4 days with each day featuring a different set of panelists followed by an open Q&A. Registered participants will receive a Zoom link, and the event will also be publicly viewable via a YouTube livestream. Our current line-up includes:

  1. Opening plenary: Tuesday, October 13, 3:00-5:00PM CDT. We are proud to kickstart our event with 5 short keynotes from Ari Melenciano, Constanza Piña Pardo, Gabriella Johnson, Zainab Aliyu, and Jingyi Li.
  2. Industry: Wednesday, October 14, 3:00-5:00PM CDT. Our second day features an industry panel with Philippa Ngaju Makobore and Elizabeth Koprucki, focusing on the experiences and contributions of those that shape the future technologies we will see next.
  3. Art: Thursday, October 15, 3:00-5:00PM CDT. Our third day features an art panel with Ashlyn Sparrow and Snow Xu, focusing on how computing allows new art forms to emerge.
  4. Academia: Friday, October 16, 3:00-5:00PM CDT. Our closing day features an academia panel with Marshini Chetty and Ellen Yi-Luen Do, focusing on the impact and trajectory of scholars in the field of human computer interaction.

All our events are free of charge and public, join us. All information is at Register for sessions here!

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