Winter SPS Topic: Safety and Security

Hey folks, does anyone have questions/concerns related to campus safety and security that they would like to share with the board of trustees?

Here is some info about SPS: SPS Summaries — Student Government

Hello Graduate Council,

The Winter SPS topic will be Safety and Security. However, this is a broad topic with too many parts to cover in an hour long meeting. I hope to narrow down the focus through the use of three or four “guiding questions” that will be provided to all attendees, both student and board member, beforehand.

This topic can include a broad range of subtopics including campus police and security forces, security alerts, the UChicago Shuttle services, commuting to and parking on campus, graduate student housing or lack thereof, where graduate and professional students live and more. With that in mind do any of you have any of these topics, or potentially other topics that could fall under Safety and Security, you or your constituents would particularly like to be covered in this meeting? If so please email me back as soon as possible and I’ll do my best to work them into the guiding questions.

Chris Stamper
Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Your PSD rep to Grad Council

Please fix couple of broken street lights around campus.
There is one broken in front of School of Social Service Administration.

Thanks for your input @riza, but the point of these meetings is a little more long-term:

These quarterly meetings provide critical insight into and help inform the long-term direction of the University of Chicago.

(from: SPS Summaries — Student Government)

So, may be, let’s try and look at suggestions from that perspective?

Oh, in that case, install brighter street lights :smiley:

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I’m concerned for the security officers standing outside in this weather. The worst of Chicago’s winters may have passed, but could there be heat lamps installed for them (some are standing outside from the evening until 4am!) or designated indoor spaces where they can sit and be warm?

In general, I wonder how effective they are at making campus safer. Perhaps having them stationed near blue lights and ready to intervene or make a call for help is just as effective?

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