[Wiki] South Asian communities on campus

I have been curious about this issue for a while – it’s so difficult to find groups/communities of common interest on the UChicago campus. This wiki aims to collect links to various active communities on campus which may be of interest to South Asian identifying grad students or their friends. This will hopefully be useful to both incoming students and current students.

Name/URL Description Remarks
SASA South Asian Students Association Very active, majority undergrad
SAGA South Asian Graduate Association
SAMSA (previously AAPI) Medical School AAPI Student Organization South Asian Medical Students’ Assoc. / American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
SASPA South Asian Students Policy Association New Homepage
SABG South Asia Business Group
SALSA Law school Student Org - South Asian Law Students Association
lunchtimelyrics South Asian poetry reading sessions
sasi_events South Asian Performing Arts
apsara Apsara (Indian Classical Dance RSO)
UChicago Bhangra UChicago Bhangra (UCB), the University’s co-ed competitive Bhangra team
Chicago Raas Chicago Raas is a competitive Garba-Raas team at the University of Chicago
Chicago Aag UChicago’s South Asian A Cappella group
COSAS The Committee on South Asian Studies COSAS sends out weekly notices of cultural as well as academic events, and offers funding opportunities
Pan-Asian The Pan-Asian Resource Group fosters solidarity by providing a community for Asian-identifying and allied parties to share, be heard, and offer support to one another. There is an active Slack workspace, contact @kartik to be invited.

This is a wiki, you can help by adding more entries/details to the above table.

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