[Wiki] Campus Microwave Masterlist

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Hi all,

I was wondering if we could make a list of all the publicly accessible microwaves on campus. Especially if one is staying late on campus (perhaps in a library) and packs dinner, it would be helpful to know exactly where the nearest available microwave is. I’m sure veteran Hyde Parkers know where to find their go-to microwave in times of need, but it’d be cool to make a masterlist for those of us less familiar with the campus.

I’ll start with a couple I’ve discovered already. If people comment with new finds or spot outdated information, reply to the thread and I’ll update the original post (at least for as long as I can edit it).


Building Details
Biological Sciences Learning Center (BSLC) Basement floor. Enter through the main entrance, turn 45 degrees to the right, walk straight ahead, and take the stairs down one floor. The microwave is situated on a desk a little behind the statue of Charles Darwin.
Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore Enter through the revolving door. The microwave is straight ahead.
Young Memorial 3rd Floor Kitchen Area
Eckhardt Research Center Quantum Cafe

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