Where to play table tennis?

Are there any table tennis (ping pong) tables available for grad students to use? I’m looking for a nice place to go to take a break during the work day!

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I am not sure about this part. They do give out equipment for most games on the counter, you just need to deposit your ID.

When I last went to play Squash at Henry Crown, I called Daniel (Facilities Manager – Equipment Room/Scheduling) beforehand to confirm if I could borrow equipment.

Well, I may be wrong then. :slight_smile:

Table tennis does sound like a game where balls get abused really fast so probably it makes sense to not loan those out.

I would still confirm with Daniel to be sure.

I know the tables in Henry Crown are used by the table tennis club. I’ve been a few times, and they have nets, balls, and paddles. But they only play at certain times and on certain days.