Wall Mounts for the Bike Room in Crerar

I am told that we are going to have a bike room on the first floor of the building soon and that space has been identified for it. It is at the North-West corner of the first floor.

The dimensions of the room can be seen below:

I am looking for good wall-mounts that can maximize space usage. Any suggestions welcome.

Two resources that I found useful so far:

  1. http://www.transalt.org/sites/default/files/issues/bike/bikeparking.pdf
  2. http://www.vtpi.org/bp4.pdf
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Most comprehensive info that I found on vertical racks:

Sounds good! Though I’m fine with parking my bike on the bike rack outside, so far.

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Latest from Nita – they have contacted a couple of vendors who will do a site visit and come up with a good rack solution for the limited space that we have.

Great news! Bike racks have been installed (they are not ready to use yet):

The total capacity is 11 bikes.

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Another rack installed today in the next section (after entering the NW entrance of the building) with capacity for 9 more bikes:

Interim policy for use:

  • Register your bike with the UCPD by contacting the Community Relations Unit at 773.702.6008 or ucpd-cru@uchicago.edu and they will give your bike a numbered identification sticker and keep it on record. When the room is at capacity, owners must use the racks outside the building. Bike racks are located throughout campus. The Campus Bike Rack Map provides a comprehensive list of bike rack locations around campus.
  • If a bike is left for over 7 days, your bike will be removed and handled as abandoned property. UCPD will keep your bike for up to 30 days and then donate or recycle it if is not claimed.
  • If you are gone for the summer, you may not leave/store your bike in the room. If left, procedures stated above will be enforced.
  • We highly encourage users to provide their own bike lock and secure their bikes in the Bike Room.
  • The University of Chicago reserves the right to open a pouch or any other container attached to a bicycle/in the bike room at its discretion, at any time, and to remove any items it believes compromises the safety or environmental quality of the University of Chicago.
  • Illegal or controlled substances such as drugs or alchohol are strictly prohibited.
  • During use, students, faculty, and staff are held responsible to report any damage or needed repairs to the bike rack(s) to Nita Yack. The University of Chicago reserves the right to charge for damages to a bike rack.

Further, Nita told me that Mike has created a committee for identifying bike room access privilege; until it is announced, anyone is free to use the bike room keeping the above policy in mind.

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How do we access the Northwest corner of the building directly? My badge didn’t work for the door by the ramp.

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Good question, I forgot to mention that in the previous post – we need to contact Nita to enable that for our ID badge.

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