UChicagoCS VM Virtual Box

Have this error

I’m on an upt-do-date Mac OS device. Virtual Box version: Version 5.2.20 r125813 (Qt5.6.3)

They suggest downloading a new one: https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/6.0.20/VirtualBox-6.0.20-137117-OSX.dmg

I’m sceptical because in Nov18, I had this problem:

Who should I reach out to for support on this?

N.B. I graduated in December. Even if I get it working, would I be able to sign in anyway? (Log in. The username is student and password is uccs)

If you’re curious what files I’m trying to rescue, read on:

Fun spin-off from discussion on web: This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web where I made the case against hand-coding websites in some cases.

Still believe it’s important and fun to learn how! I’m trying to encourage teenagers to learn to do so.

My first coded web experience: was for CS 122. We did a quiz for Illinois high-schoolers to see how well they knew their state, by seeing if they could beat a Deep Learning algorithm at identifying photos of them.

We used the Django framework from Python. My TA was someone very famous on this forum (@kartik) and he was very clear that I did a lacklustre job of making it look good. Which is true. It looked like a crappy vaporwave site. But I now understand that it’s best for early attempts to be terrible in some aspects to allow you to explore other aspects. So I’m trying to encourage teens to own the crappiness, by explicitly setting them the task of creating a ‘retro website’, as part of: https://www.agileeducation.co/apply/y8b48jut7akeihqwvlty8k4rxauhjh

Have you already seen the instructions at vm:index [How do I?]? I’d use the latest version of most software unless I had a strong reason not to.

I do not use department machines, so unsure about the sign in.