Recommendations for budget-friendly ergonomic chair?

Hey everyone

I am looking for a good ergonomic chair for my home desk with primary use case being long hours of computer (laptop) usage on a desk and study. I have had a history of back pain so ergonomics are a relatively important factor.

Most good ergonomic chairs tend to be expensive, but I do see some cheap options online at both Amazon and IKEA.

Further, I have previously used this Alera Elusion (available by default in my building at Brown) for months and was fairly (but not super) happy with it. If only it were half the price I would not think twice before ordering it.

I don’t want to look for such an important equipment for my daily requirement on Craigslist/Marketplace as I can only find good deals there but not necessarily things that meet specific needs.

So, my question is, given long hours spent on a chair as a default for grad students, have people here found anything that they are super happy with it? What kind of budget sounds right for something so important (I am thinking about $100 but will stretch to $150 if I knew I was investing in a great chair)?

Are there any physical stores that one can recommend I can check out to try before I buy? Thanksgiving break sounds like a great time for me to go chair hunting.

Ask @anon49885067 about this! He just bought a beautiful chair, maybe for a little more than you suggest.

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Thanks, I should have put an update here, I ended up getting an Alera Elusion itself for dirt cheap from another CS PhD student.

Would still be open to hearing about better budget-friendly chairs if anyone has personal recommendations.

Chair operating instructions: aleel41me_aleel42me.pdf (728.2 KB)

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If you can find a used, good condition Herman Miller chair, go for it. The Aeron is the more well-known model, but I prefer the Mirra.

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