Pub Social Fall '18

Calling all UChicago grad students, old and new! Come out to the Pub at Ida Noyes to hang out with your friends and make new ones, all while enjoying two free frosty beverage tickets and pizza. Must be 21+ to attend; state ID (or passport) and UofC ID required. RSVP here: Autumn Pub Social

@anon62420627 would you know if The Pub membership is necessary to attend this social?

I believe the pub always requires requires membership or guest entrance fees, I think it’s part of their license.

That’s generally true, I understand. But since this is an event conducted by GC and I do not have an annual membership, do I need to pay door fee to attend?

I found this at :

To enter The Pub, patrons must be affiliated with the University of Chicago or be the guest of an affiliate (3 guests per affiliate). Door entry fees are $3 for a guest pass, valid for one day’s entry or $10 for an annual membership, which is valid from September 2018 – August 2019. Only affiliates are eligible for membership to The Pub.

And if that is so, the flyers/ad for the event should say so – something along the lines of “Must be 21+ to attend; state ID (or passport), UofC ID and Pub membership required. Annual The Pub membership can be purchased at $10 at the door.

Just reporting back that I and most other students that I talked to were made to pay for the annual membership/guest entry fee at the door to attend the social. Several of them decided to go back instead as they were either not carrying cash or did not want to attend after learning that.

@annabeth.gellman mentioned there was some confusion about this and that this information should have been posted online. A previous pub social organizer tells me that it is possible to work with The Pub management to ask them to let university affiliates in for GC Pub Socials as a courtesy to the students. I am pretty sure, The Pub almost never sees that much of a footfall within a 3-hour window, so they should be flexible on this. Hope this can be worked out better in the future.

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