Own your Tweets! Micro.Blog (More generally self-hosted microblogging)

This forum’s main man @kartik put me onto Micro.Blog as a POSSE (Post-Own-Syndicate-Somewhere-Else) micro-blogging option (translation: Tweet without Twitter owning it).
I’ve used my FirstWeek FlipPh.one social media detox as an impetus to launch mine this week: blog.w4rner.com.
I’m documenting my experience specifically with the framework in my ‘Learning Microblog’ category: Learning Microblog - laurence w4rner aka Cerulean. I know @kartik was actually considering leaving, so curious if anyone else had thoughts on this.
I’m specifically interested in an ambitious setup: where I raise the total volume of posts I put out, but strategically guide them to certain platforms on a case-by-case basis. Also, have option of multiple accounts even on the same platform.

It’s markdown based.
(seems increasingly in fashion: e.g. https://obsidian.md/) though as I observe it puts the # in an awkward place.