Jake Chanenson --- Stewarding a Legacy: Responsibilities and Relationships in the Management of Post-mortem Data

Monday 02/21

12:30 -13:30 pm

Speaker:Jake Chanenson

Room:JCL 298

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**Title:**Stewarding a Legacy: Responsibilities and Relationships in the Management of Post-mortem Data


This paper extends research on the giving and inheriting of digital artifacts by examining social network site accounts post-mortem. Given the important role that social network sites play in online bereavement practices, we conducted a series of in-depth qualitative interviews to explore issues around inheritance and post-mortem data management of Facebook accounts. We found that participants focused less on ownership of the data, and instead on the duties and potential conflicts associated with maintaining an account post-mortem. Subsequently, we argue for “stewardship” as an alternative to inheritance for framing post-mortem data management practices. Analysis of post-mortem data management activities highlights how stewards are accountable and responsible to the deceased and various survivors. However, weighing competing responsibilities is complicated by varied relationships with disparate survivors, as well as the inability to consult with the deceased. Based on our findings, we claim that post- mortem solutions need to account for the needs of stewards in addition to those of the deceased and survivors. We suggest that a model of stewardship better accounts for the interpersonal responsibilities that accompany online data than inheritance alone


Jake Chanenson (they/he) is a 1st year PhD student working advised by Marshini Chetty. They are broadly interested in the intersection of HCI, ethics, and tech policy.

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