Is anyone getting daily email digest updates?

Discourse has this feature of sending summary/digest emails to users to keep them informed of any interesting discussions that might be happening here. I haven’t received any email so far, but my account is somewhat different from everyone else’s here so I want to find out if anyone else has received any such email so far?

I just got an email today, but it was my first one.

That’s good to know. Since we do not have that many users and hence activity yet, perhaps it didn’t have enough posts to compile a digest until today.

I asked because I can see the following banner on the site:

To make launching your new site easier, you are in bootstrap mode. All new users will be granted trust level 1 and have daily email digest updates enabled. This will be automatically turned off when total user count exceeds 50 users.

but perhaps it doesn’t count my account among new users since it was the first to be created and hence doesn’t send me any digest email. I would still like to hear from more users though.