Installed Plugins

We have the following plugins installed in our instance of Discourse:

I will try and keep this list updated. Feel free to respond below if you think another plugin would be a good addition.

  1. Yes, it works! ↩︎

Can you hack a slack channel as a place to send all alerts about new post and replies from this discourse?

Yeah, it can be done, but it might be annoying and useless for most people (plus it will unnecessarily increase the load on our Slack’s message limit making it even less useful). My plan is to enable auto-post in #phd-general for first posts in #phd but only after we have done a full PhD-wide launch. That is, the last option in the screenshot below:


What about this plugin? Featured image can make topics more appealing to read.

It seems the plugin is most suited for sites that heavily use images such as photography and art related forums. I don’t think we are going to have that much image-heavy topics here, so I am not installing it for now. If other users think it’s needed and say it, we should consider it again.

Thanks for the suggestion! :heart:

FYI, I enabled this setting earlier this morning.

Just updated the list of plugins, especially added the Discourse Shared Edits - plugin - Discourse Meta for ministry’s use. But it’s good for others to know that our Discourse instance supports \LaTeX and other nice features.

Here’s a more sophisticated example for LaTeX:

\begin{matrix} R^n & \overset{A}{\longrightarrow} & R^m \\ \cong & & \cong \\ R^n & \overset{B}{\longrightarrow} & R^m \\ \end{matrix}

R^n & \overset{A}{\longrightarrow} & R^m \
\cong & & \cong \
R^n & \overset{B}{\longrightarrow} & R^m \