[Free food] 5/13 Pizza Seminar: Junwen Yang

Monday, May 13
12:30-1:00pm (note shorter time slot)
JCL 390

View-Centric Performance Optimization for Database-Backed Web Applications

This is an announcement for the Pizza Seminar, a grad student initiative where PhD students present to each other over a free lunch. Talks can be a chance to present something from your research of general interest, practice a conference presentation, or just tell us about something interesting.

The talk will take place in JCL 390 on Monday, May 13. Junwen Yang ( @junwen ) will be giving a practice talk about tools to write websites that don’t suck,

View-Centric Performance Optimization for Database-Backed Web Applications

Web developers face the stringent task of designing informative web pages while keeping the page-load time low. This task has become increasingly challenging as most web contents are now generated by processing ever-growing amount of user data stored in back-end databases. It is difficult for developers to understand the cost of generating every web-page element, not to mention explore and pick the web design with the best trade-off between performance and functionality. In this paper, we present Panorama, a view-centric and database-aware development environment for web developers. Using database-aware program analysis and novel IDE design, Panorama provides developers with intuitive information about the cost and the performance-enhancing opportunities behind every HTML element, as well as suggesting various global code refactorings that enable developers to easily explore a wide spectrum of performance and functionality trade-offs.

Paper link: https://hyperloop-rails.github.io/panorama.pdf

We also have tutorial video here: video.

The homepage is: Panorama