Facebook's role in Brexit -- and the threat to democracy

Not just another critique of #fb, but eye-opening because we do not hear that much about FB’s impact outside of the US. Plus, important questions asked about ethics of tech. I wonder how in good conscience people, especially those well-versed in Computer Science, continue to use Facebook?

This talk also reminded me of the keynote by Erica Joy Baker.

Remember that Guardian article about the red-headed lad. 'Twas a brave piece. As was her speech, including co-opting the phrase “take back control”.

Happy I spent the last 3 years crafting a social life that doesn’t rely upon FB products. Unfortunately, the bigger picture is that most people don’t have the right incentives to leave them. The first step is always a short period off. I’m glad that First Week Flip Phone provides one vessel in which people can experiment with a week off Facebook products, in a socially supported way.

So, “as 'twere with a defeated joy”, we must enter those spaces to spread the word, and provide inspiration for how people can do a digital (Facebook apps in particular) detox.
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Wait, which article?

Only now, I understand that you were referring to Christopher Wylie - Wikipedia and perhaps this article: ‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower | News | The Guardian

And this recently released documentary is the perfect follow up the TED talk in the OP: The Great Hack | Netflix Official Site

Yes, that’s the lad!

Pertinent to this time: