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Outliners make the most sense. One of my biggest challenges communicating on the web is simultaneously talking to people of wildly different technical understanding. Chucking tech details in collapsed nodes would allow me to write a single piece more often.
There is really no way of using this in standard HTML?

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I agree about the communication challenge.

According to MDN, HTML outlines were proposed but not accepted in the HTML spec (there are no browser implementations, that is). The recommendation is to use the HTML H1 to H6 tags properly to provide a semantic structure.

I did find this Chrome extension that lets one see the outline of a long webpage and gauge its structure; I think I will certainly find it helpful if the page does not provide a ToC of its own.

On Discourse, however, there is a way to generate outlines (or rather table of contents) using the usual markdown/HTML headings for the OP of a topic, see this page, for example.

PS: I moved this discussion to a new topic as it is quite orthogonal to our HTTPS discussion.

Not bad for a scroll landing page like yours:

For a Medium blog post, guess it just goes to show the down-side of hosting on a platform:

I really like it. Are we able to implement that?
Also, who is able to move the discussions like that?

Yeah, with self-hosting one can have complete control over how your webpages are structured.

Implement what and where? If you mean the ToC for a topic, here is some info: DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents - theme - Discourse Meta I had to enable that theme component on this instance of Discourse.

I didn’t understand your second question.

Wondering who on this forum is able to fork a discussion like you did?

Ah, only the staff (admin or moderators) can, see Move posts to a new or existing topic - faq - Discourse Meta

Currently, since there is not a lot of activity and, hence, need, that is just me.