Cancelled -- Grad Council Meeting Winter '18 #4

Next quarter’s meetings are going to be on Jan 14th, Feb 4th, Feb 25th, and March 18th, with Assembly meetings likely on the Feb 4th and March 18th dates. We will send additional reminders and specific times early next quarter.

From GC Co-presidents Ryan and Jenni:

the agenda:

  1. Constitutional Committee Updates and Next Steps

  2. Finance Fund Reports and Application Restructuring

  3. Annual Allocations Call for Volunteers

  4. Division/School Survey Review

  5. Voting Items:

    1. Minutes from 2/25 meeting
  6. Committee Updates

  7. New Business

  8. Adjourn


It does not appear that we will be able to reach a quorum tomorrow. As such, we are cancelling tomorrow’s meeting. However, the next Assembly meeting will be moved up to the first week of spring quarter, so Monday, April 1. We will send out multiple reminders (and calendar invites!) well in advance.