Bothered by email?

Hey everyone

I recently learned that some users unsubscribed from emails as the frequency of emails was bothering them. I would like to suggest a better way to configure your email settings instead of totally unsubscribing from email (as the latter will stop you from receiving important emails such as password reset as well).

You can go to your Account Preferences by clicking your avatar on the top right and choosing the gear icon and select the kind of email and frequency with which you want to receive it, see example from my preferences below:

Further, I have reduced the default frequency of digest email from 3 days to weekly (it used to be daily few days ago) based on user feedback and the growth we have seen over the fast few weeks (we have over :100: users now! :tada:). Hopefully, that will ease the email load on everyone, but whatever you choose in account preferences will override the default so if you are someone who doesn’t like to login regularly you can choose to receive digest/summary email more frequently and if you are someone who doesn’t like email at all can completely turn it off and everything in between! Hope you are enjoying your time here, as always happy to answer any questions.

Here’s a shortcut to jump to your email settings: