Assembly & GC Meetings Mon Apr 2


From: Joseph Dang
Date: Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 10:23 AM
Subject: [sg-gc ] Reminders - Assembly & GC Meetings tomorrow

Hi everyone,

Welcome back from spring break! As a reminder, Assembly and GC meetings are week 2, 5, 8, & 10 (GC only) this quarter.

  • Assembly is 6 PM at Harper Center Classroom 4
  • GC is 7:30 or 10 minutes after Assembly in Classroom 7

Please find the agenda for tomorrow’s GC meeting. I will forward along Assembly’s agenda when it’s available.

Two items of note for tomorrow:

  • [DISCUSSION] Grad Experience Task Force : GC has been asked to select students for a 6-month task force run through the provost’s office to explore and make recommendations on various aspects of the graduate experience. Please think through:

    • What should GC’s role be?
    • How would we recruit and ensure the most appropriate representation?

We’ll put up a few proposals to consider.

  • [NEW BUSINESS] - any reps with discussion items or proposals, please send me the documents, question, and objective to be included in the meeting slides

Lastly, please let me know if you won’t be able to attend and we can arrange a proxy.

See everyone tomorrow!



As usual:

All the council meetings for both GC, CC, and Assembly are open, so anyone can go